Scrubbing Bubbles, SC Johnson and Company

Design isn’t always so serious.

The Scrubbing Bubbles clean across America campaign, titled “Let’s Bubble” asked for non-profit nominations for the Bubbles team to surprise with a deep clean. Finalists ranged from pet shelters to food kitchens, the kind of places that could use a little cleaning love from the Bubbles, who arrived in 4 VW beetles representing each Bubble (Scrubbie, Mindy, Sudsy and Poppy).

The campaign had a strong social component, from asking for nominations, to voting and finally following the Bubbles across America updating the cleaning adventures in real time.

The spring campaign then segued into a summer campaign with the Bubbles deciding to continue theirĀ road trip as a vacation to see major sites across the United States.

Heading into the summer campaign, as head of the social team I noticed the renderings of each bubble was lacking in specific emotions. Consequently, my team art directed several new faces for use in future campaigns.


Scrubbing Bubbles

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